Thursday, September 15, 2016

tiny creature

Babies are amazing. 

At least that's what I know from the writings that I've read and what my mom have said. A few days ago I was stalking one of my favorite social media influencer on instagram. She is the creative director of a Jakarta-based pop-up card company. I really adore her attitude, style, and parenting style (I'm feeling more mature when I write this). Once she wrote on her post that she always communicate with her baby - without using the baby language - ever since he was still in the womb. The message itself was simple. She wants her baby boy to grow as a good boy. Amazingly, her son, who is now a one year old toddler, is calm boy. This thing reminds me of a moment where my mother and I met my father's colleague who was bringing her baby to another colleague's wedding. My family and her were invited to the akad which was held in the morning. Since the venue is located a bit far from Bogor, she had to get ready at 5 in the morning. The night before she talked to her baby, asking him to wake up earlier on the next the day. Her baby boy made it. He woke up after the mother finished the subuh prayer. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

make the last two semesters count

I'm officially in senior year now! Whoop whoop, that gonna a be tough journey to go. This December I'm going to have my bachelor thesis proposal defence. I supposed to continue the proposal that I was working on last semester, but I changed my mind because of several things. My previous supervisor continue her study in Japan starting this September and without her I'm kinda losing hope. She told me that she couldn't supervise me till graduation last July, just several days before Eid. I know this sounds cheesy, but Mrs. R is the one who believes in my potential and making this proposal possible. She seems the one and only in my department who is concern aboutsystem dynamics as a part of urban planning since system dynamics isn't popular in my department (but later I found out that I was totally wrong!).

Moving on, my academic supervisor told me to consult my topic with him or Mr.C. I never thought that both of them actually are working in system dynamics field. On the second week I'm going to apply to the lab for my bachelor thesis' supervision. I hope that everything will flow smoothly until graduation day.

Talking about the future, I still have no clear idea what I'm going to do after September 2017. An NGO office where I worked as an intern last holiday offered me and my fellow intern mates job for fresh graduates as an junior researcher, just like our co-supervisor. I also haven't declare my choice, whether I'm going to work as a planner or an academia. Going back to school, conducting a research, and helping the youth to grow their interest in planning always seem interesting to me. Last semester I made my very first attempt as an lecturer asistant for statistics class, which was exciting yet a bit tiring. So far being an academia is my strongest will. I haven't see the big picture of being a professional planner clearly, beside the advantages of hopping from one place to another and financially secure. So, let's see where I'll be standing next year.

Until next time,

Saturday, September 10, 2016

morning walk at kenjeran

The first weekend after school has started is ended with a long weekend since we're going to celebrate Eid al Adha on Monday, which is also known as the Hajj Eid. Most of my college and boarding house mate went home. Unlike them, I decided to stay in Surabaya since I've just arrived here two weeks ago. 

This morning J and I went to Kenjeran, a beach near to our campus which gain its popularity again after the local government launched a new landmark which is actually a bridge. The bridge itself connects the old beach park with the collector road. It's open daily for public. What makes this bridge interesting are its sight-seeing deck and water fountain that sparks on weekends. 

Based on the estimation that I made, J and I need about 45 minutes to reach the bridge from our place. We were kinda unlucky since we arrived a bit late. The last time I saw the sunrise at Kenjeran was a year ago and I was picked up by a friend straight after the subuh prayer. J and I arrived around 5.30 AM. There's a small parking spot for motorcycle which is managed by the local people. 

We strolled along the bridge. The pedestrian is very friendly according to me. It's even completed with ramp and a low separator. Flowers are used to create a splash of pink over white walls. Since the deck is too nice to be missed, J and I decided to stop by. It is constructed of metals colored in silver. Since coastal area is identic with wind, the deck is opened only on 6-10 AM and 3-5 PM. 

Anyway, this time I didn't bring my camera as usual. Instead, I made an attempt with J's iPhone camera. The result is superb for a phone camera, especially during golden hour. None of the photos are edited on Photoshop (I only retouched some of them by using VSCO).