prambanan and yogya nol kilometer

There's nothing better than skipping a day for field study instead of working in the office. On the last field study to Cangkringan, Sleman, my fellow interns and I paid a visit to the famous Prambanan Temple which is located in Prambanan, Klaten. It took about half hour to reach Prambanan from Cangkring. We also stopped by at the first Mbok Berek restaurant in Kalasan for lunch. Their kalasan fried chicken tastes soo good. Jhon haven't tried kalasan fried chicken before, so it's  good to know that he like the crispy taste of it since he's a kinda picky when it comes about food. We arrived at Prambanan about 2 pm. I was kinda surprised that there were many tourists on a hot day. I prefer to visit Prambanan in the morning or late afternoon when the lighting is at its best in a day.

On my last weekend in Yogya before I leave this town for good, Jhon and I strolled around Yogya Nol Kilometer. It's a historical area that connects the imaginary lines of Yogya. Yogya Nol Kilometer is more pedestrial friendly now compared to the situation around 10 years ago. Along the street that head to the famous Malioboro, several cosplayers are ready to attract tourists.Street hawkers that sells bracelets, t-shirts, beverages, and even satay are everywhere. I found this situation kinda paradoxical. While the government want to re-establish the whole Malioboro area (including Jogja Nol Kilometer) as an area that represent the ancient philosophy of Yogyakarta sans pedestrian friendly area, numbers of street of hawkers of Malioboro are dependent of this kind of situation, the freedom to sell. Sorry to say that not all of them care about keeping the environment clean.

That afternoon Jhon and I decided to stop by at Vredeburg Fort. There's a museum inside the fort that I expected to be just an average museum that won't take my heart easily. I found out that my expectation was clearly wrong. With 2000 IDR you already get the chance to take a tour. There are dioramas as always, but the display is much better than similar museums, especially small museums. The story of the dioramas themselves focus on the military aggression in 1946, no long after the independence of Indonesia was declared. Beside learning history from the dioramas, you could also enjoy the ambience of the museum itsel. Its surrounding is clean, yet there's a small field where you can lay down and enjoy the weather. I saw visitors taking pictures with the statues of our national heroes and soldiers, whether the Indonesian or Dutch. I didn't take much picture here since I kinda in a rush. Jhon and I didn't know that the museum is already closed on 16.30. Meanwhile, we arrived about an hour before the museum is about to closed.


notes from jogja

Yogyakarta, or popularly known as Jogja is the heart of Javanese culture and tourism. Not only because its ancient sites that still survive through centuries, native people that are very kind (they really love to smile), but also every aspect , including its high philosophy that was established by Pangeran Mangkubumi or Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Ever since I moved back to Indonesia in 2003 after spending several years abroad, my family managed to visit Jogja almost every year before eid or during school holiday. As I grow up, Jogja never failed me to teach me things that influenced me as an Indonesian. The reason why I chose Jogja for my internship was actually a kind of accident. 

During nine weeks of my internship, series of unforgettable moments happened. From a kind of love and hate relationship with the stuffs that I was working on, the way our supervisor treated my batch, kind-hearted people that we interviewed in villages, to my favorite street hawkers that sell delicious breakfast. I was the only one female intern staff while the rest of us are guys. I think it's normal that I want myself to be a follower instead of the leader figure. Later the situation changed and my batch made a decision that everyone should try to a group leader at least for a week. My office only have a small number of staff, including five researcher. It wasn't easy to skip office days because everyone will notice the presence of others. Funny to know that I can event count the number of lunches that are delivered everyday and notice who hasn't eat yet.

The last three weeks are well spent. I visited Prambanan for the fourth time and still can't even get enough of it, tried the famous House of Balcony with Dewi, tried to the delicous bakso near to the office for three times, hopped from one recommended cafe/restaurant/street hawker to another to try delicious foods, and watched the over-promoted Suicide Squad.

Well, farewell Jogja. 


the missing files

I'm kinda bored for the past few weeks, yet I still manage to entertain myself as usual. I've been also thinking about some things lately. Well now I consider myself as someone who is standing on the junction of my early 20s. After thinking, rethinking, and repeating it over and over again, I decided to delete some old post of this blog. This blog was originally established in 2010, back then on the days when I was accepted earlier at a high school that I really want on the last minutes of junior high. There's no specific reason why I did this, except I'm a kind of perfectionist that is hard to accept the flaws, especially visual flaws. 

When I made this blog for the first time, I did it just for fun. My mind changes through time. At the same time, my interest in design and photography grows. So I planned that this blog should be dedicated as a showcase for my artworks. I didn't like blogs that aren't original as in I couldn't get to know who's the person behind that blog. That's why I always put some personal touch on this blog, eventhough I rarely post my faces here. In 2013 I was accepted in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning ITS for my bachelor degree. Writing wasn't a thing that blow my mind on the first few weeks, but later I discover that I could write something too beside jotting down the words for assignments. On my second year of planning school, I know that I always want to create something, including writing something about urban planning. Because of it, I started the Casual City Talk. Starting from that, I learned to manage a blog professionally. To me, it's kinda hard. Writing something regulary is a game of brain and discipline. You always have to brainstorm yourself at least once in a month to develop a post planning while developing your writing skill, whether it's for  academic stuffs or blogging thingies. The Casual City Talk supposed to published montly, but until today I could only reach 3 post that are published randomly. 

Then what's next? I made an alternative to deal with my wishes: having a professional blog and a blog to immortalize my memory. I started to establish a new blog named SENARAI KOTA (gonna launch it as soon as possible) for urban planning stuffs only, so there won't be random things. For Daily Jennie I decided to give it a new life instead of deleting it (I still love the name, anyway). So, starting from now you won't see any urban planning-related stuffs here. This blog will be purely dedicated for things that influenced the current and future me. Welcome back to Daily Jennie! 

Oh, to my future children, if you're reading this blog then you're lucky because you get to know your future mum through another way. I'll make sure that you'll love art and the blogosphere in any form just like I do. 

kampoeng cyber

A few days ago before the office was off during lebaran holiday, my friends and I were assigned to document some of the best practice in community development around Yogyakarta. The second theme that we worked on was the implementation of technology in Kampoeng Cyber. For those who are new to Kampoeng Cyber, it is a neighborhood unit which is located near to Tamansari Water Castle. We were so lucky since we had the chance to meet and interview the well-know Pak Koko, the initiator of Kampoeng Cyber. 

The story of Kampoeng Cyber began in 2008. At that time Pak Koko, a graphic designer sans ISI Yogyakarta alumnus, was the one and only person in Kampoeng Cyber that had the access to internet. FYI, during 2008-2010 internet cafe was a booming trend since not every household own an internet-connected computer.